John Doe of Diss Privacy Policy 2018

To download our full 2018 Privacy Policy, please click here. 

Collection of data

John Doe of Diss will only contact you using the email that you have provided when submitting an enquiry. Your email / personal information will not be used for any other reason such as market research nor will this data be disclosed to any third parties.


We do not currently use any cookies on our website to collect personal information on or from our users.

We do use Google Analytics to analyse data anonymously in order to improve your user experience. For more information on Google Analytics and Google’s Privacy Notice, please click here.


When using this website, our web server automatically logs certain information such as the name of your ISP, the IP address of the computer you are using, type of browser and operating system, the date and time you access this site and any internet address from which you linked directly to this site. John Doe of Diss uses this information to analyse user behaviour and track referrals.

Links to external sites

John Doe of Diss can not be held responsible for the content on external sites. To learn more, read about us, view our work or visit the services page.

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