• Karndean Art Select Wood Collection
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Karndean Art Select Wood Collection

Width: 0.00CM Depth: 0.00CM Height: 0.00CM

Estimated Lead Time: 2 weeks

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Our Art Select wood collection features our most intricate designs taking inspiration from oaks sourced from the ancient forests of Europe to timbers native to the American Midwest.

Detailed embossing techniques capture the look and feel of the knots and grain found in the original timber that inspired them. These highly realistic textured surfaces are combined with deep bevelled edges to define each individual plank, resulting in a collection that embodies luxury, sophistication and versatility.

The Art Select wood range features the gentle honey tones of Savannah Oak and grey hues of Glacier Oak with subtle handscraped finishes, to the deep chocolatey browns of Reclaimed Chestnut, ensuring there is something to complement every interior.

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Your item(s) will be delivered to your chosen destination by our in-house delivery team at a time that suits you.
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