• Karndean Van Gogh Wood Collection
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Karndean Van Gogh Wood Collection

Width: 0.00CM Depth: 0.00CM Height: 0.00CM

Estimated Lead Time: 2 weeks

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Taking inspiration from many wood species found around the world, our Van Gogh range offers a wide range of designs to choose from. With products inspired by European oaks to reclaimed, salvaged timbers, there is a dsign to suit both contemporary and rustic interiors alike.

Every Van Gogh plank has a detailed wood grain texture, enhancing the colour and pattern of the product. The larger plank sizes complement these tactile surfaces to create the look and feel of a true timber floor.

Featuring muted tones of a White Washed Oak with its subtle graining detail, to the cool grey tones of Nimbus Oak, you will find a product to match your contemporary interiors, while our salvaged redwood and barnwood designs offer a backdrop ideal for a modern rustic finish.

Offering a flexibal mis of gluedown and rigid core formats in both full-sized planks and modern herringbone, this collection is ideal for home decorators looking to create stylish interiors with a sense of flow over different subfloor conditions, including uneven or dying floors of where sound transmission from rooms above is a consideration.

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Your item(s) will be delivered to your chosen destination by our in-house delivery team at a time that suits you.
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